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Let’s get things moving for you!

Guiding you towards more Purpose, Positivity and Fulfillment, helping you spring forwards and create a more fulfilling life.

Certified expertise

As a qualified coach with the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring, you know you are in safe, experienced hands

Personalised Care

Unlike family or friends, as a coach I have no agenda, no personal opinion about you. I am only focused on your goal and if you don’t know what that is, then we will work that out together. I will not judge you. I will not be disappointed in you for having bad days. I am here for you.

Rewarding Results

Come away from your coaching session feeling excited and energised. Coaching is not the same as therapy, so rather than looking back, we look at the present and take steps for your future.
I focus on creating positive, lasting change in your life.

Your Trusted Coach

I am guessing you are here because you’ve met me in person or someone you know has and they told you that they knew just the person you need to speak to!

And I really believe I can help you.

Because I have given so many others that push or lift that they needed or that confidence to make a leap or that clarity to know what they are aiming for and a strategy for moving forwards and making progress fast.

Would you love a better and more satisfying life? Okay, so let’s go!

Let’s begin our journey

Why Trust Me?

Over 20 years coaching experience

Trained in 2013 by the UK’s Leading Coach Carole Ann Rice

Since 2023 Training potential coaches at Pure Coaching Academy 

Clients from every industry walking away with their lives changed

My Story

I found myself coaching colleagues early on in my career, whether it was to change careers, go for a promotion or start their own businesses, I found I had a natural ability to want to support and provide a strategy for them to help them to reach their goals. At 25 years old I hired a coach. I couldn’t believe how fast I hit my goals: both personal and career.

After 15 years in finance, I was ready for my next goal: to leave the UK. I lived in Paris, then Sydney and settled in Milan. I took the accredited coaching course at Pure Academy in 2013. I divided my time between coaching and corporate work, both of which give me satisfaction in different ways. I am a wife and mother and live a bilingual life full of joy and adventure.

My Values

I believe that almost everyone is living below their potential. And you deserve to have someone who focuses solely on your happiness and fulfilment. I want you to have a life that reflects the brilliance within you.

I now train new coaches as part of the team at Pure Academy, 8 years after I trained with them, a dream come true and incredibly satisfying.

Professionally, as a coach, I bring a wealth of life experience, but personally I have a way of tapping into who you are and what you really need. I suggest setting up a call with me which will give you a feeling of whether we could work well together.

How we think creates what we experience and yet we don’t really take care of how we think. Together we can get some clarity, see what is holding you back and power forwards to create a fantastic life for you.

Coaching is a two way project. I can advise you, but you ultimately choose the action you want to take. I want to show you how to find the power that is already inside you and teach you how to use it to reach your potential.

Coaching is not counselling or psychotherapy. Instead of analysing your past and going over your childhood, we talk about action that we can take now. Of course, sometimes your personal history will be relevant if it is holding you back from reaching your goals and we can talk about this, but as a coach I am focused on the here and now.

Unlike family or friends, as a coach I have no agenda, no personal opinion about you. I am only focused on your goal and if you don’t know what that is, then we will work that out together. I will not judge you. I will not be disappointed in you for having bad days. I am focused on helping you to get what you want and will advise you on the best way to get that.

Client Testimonials

Here are what some edited minds have to say

  • Charlotte
    24 years old Supply Chain Management

    I assumed I wasn’t getting interviews as there was too much competition, but when a friend recommended I speak to Natalie, I thought it could be an investment in my career. She quickly saw where my C.V was unfocused and not reflecting my skills and after editing it for me I immediately got 3 interviews for companies I had only dreamed of working for! After some coaching around interviews, I felt confident going in and being my self and after 2 weeks I was offered 2 jobs! After a year of trying previously! It really is worth getting an experienced opinion and her positive energy spurs you on.

  • Lee
    44 years old, Senior Manager

    Natalie is an intelligent,
    engaging and confident coach who is driven to help others achieve success in their business and personal lives. She is passionate about seeking to live with freedom of mind; a philosophy that is key to the pursuit of happiness and fulfilment.

  • Adele Langella
    Owner and Director of

    Natalie is an outstanding professional: precise and efficient. Armed with a lot of patience and with skills that quickly identify the main areas to focus on. She suggests clear solutions and working with her is extremely satisfying! Nowadays it is important to hear the views of an outside professional well-prepared to develop and achieve your professional goals. Thank you Natalie!